Get Motivated

Another of the BBS things I've been doing recently is creating and posting faux-motivational posters. I use the generator sponsered by Flickr, which saves a lot of time and allows all sorts of whimsical results.

The thing is that almost everyone I know who has tried this thing has found it maddeningly addictive.

I've used all sorts of ideas and built up a surprisngly large collection. These two posters provide a nice example: the second was made as a follower to the first, sine it seemed inevitable.



Fantasy Football Sans Elves

Some of you who know me and know I am an avid sports fan and sportsgamer migth be surprised to know I am not a big fan of fantasy football. I have always found it much more artifical than actually controlling your team on thei field and winning or losing in a large part by your own efforts.

That said, I am surprised that I don't seem to be all that bad at it. Or, at any rate, i seem to be pretty lucky this year.

The forums at Hero Games, which are among my favorite places to hang out, has a fatasy football league this year, in which I have a team. It's called AFC Kamineko. My first draft pick was shaun Alexander, who went down in week 2 and is gone for the season. But my second pick was Philadelplhia QB Donavan McNabb. The league is run on the system, which rpoduces odd-looking scores.

And at the end of this week's game, the Killer Kitties 9as I have come to call them) are the league's last unbeaten team, with a 9-0 record. With a four geame divison lead with five games to go, they've clinched at l;east a tie in their division 9although the outcome of the divisional race hasn't been in doubt for at least a month). A win next week over the Rocky Ford Warbirds would give them the divison outright.

In all my time as a sportsgamer, I have only won one league championship; that was a Statis-Pro basketball league in 1993. The improbable run of the Killer Kitties continues to atonish me -- thsi week's 111-99 win the second time I made a private concession to my opponent only to end up winning the game.

Weird, werid, weird.


I Feel Conflikted

In a good way. A very good way.

I just recieved the announcement for Conflikt, a new filk convention in the Northwest that is going to be held for the first time in January 2008. As for why I would notice something that earyl, well, it's a northwest filk convention. There hasn't been one of those in a while.

And it is something well worth my effort to plan and save up for.

And along those lines, I am trying to figure out the next step on finally getting my album finished. If I can have something ready fro Conflikt, t won't pay for the trip but it will make me look and feel better when I get there.


Restart, Renew and Revitalize (I hope)

One of the things that occured to me this week is that there is little point in having a blog if one does not, at least occasionally, post anything to it. So it seems that an update on events at Chez Slappy appear4s to be in order.

So here is a brief update on various matters.

1. Orycon

I very much wanted to attend Orycon this year. I still might, but affording the membership is going to be a problem. The deadline for prereg is tomorrow afternoon, and I have no source for the money to buy my $45 membership. The hassles involved in getting a membership at the door are too horrific for me to contempla, not to mention coming up with the cash on the spot at the time. Thgis is especially annoying as it's the only filk-related event I would be able to attend all year.

2. Recording

I have a working copy of Band-In-A-Box, and my PC's sound setup seems to be working prop[erly. Now if only I could figure out how to use BIAB -- probably not to Tom Smith's level, but at least adequately -- then I might make some progress on that long-overdue album.

3. Personal Finance

Money is not my strong point. My meeting with an attoorney at law has made that more than clear. I have a hearing in Bankruptcy Court on November 22. It is not something I am at all looking forward to.

4. Game Writing Stuff

I have a couple of propjects on the table that are not finished, I do have one that is finished, but I am waiting to hear back on its actually being available. It a sort of mini-splatbook for RuneQuest called The Celestial Chorus.


New Who!

i finally got my hands this week on the rest of the new season of Doctor Who, the classic Biriths Sf program that jump-startedme into fandom 23 years ago. And if that doesn't date me, what does?

The new season, which features Christopher Eccleston as the Docotr and former pop idol Billie Piper as companion Rose ftyler (there are two other people, both male, who become companions for a short time, one whom is essentially put off the ship and the other being the first openly bisexual character I've seen in sci-fi TV). It is good. I haven't watched all nthe episodes yet: here is my appraisal of the episodes I've seen:

Rose: The intro to the new series is told from the point of view of the Doctor's new companion. Not the best story of the season, but a fine start.

The End of the World: Earth is destroyed and everyone is too busy dealing with what is essentially a massive insurance scam to notice. A lot better than that brief description makes it sound. features a great supporting character in the form of Jabe, a humanoid tree who really likes being breathed on and who has a lot of nobility in her character.

The Unqiet Dead: The Doctor clears out an alien-infested funeral home in 1969 Cardiff with the unwiloling assitan ce of Charles Dickens. Again, much better than it sounds.

Dalek: WOW! A reclusive mogul is holding an alien captive undergournd, only to discover that his lack of knowledge of what he has is going to lead to unimaginable disaster. The sofa is not going to be enough protection, but while the Dalek is extremely effective, scary and tragic, one of the great pleasures of this episode is watching the Doctor confront his demons, both figurative and literal.

Father's Day: Rose accidentally changes history and nearly causes the destruction of the human race. Heart-wrenching, and I loved every m,inute of it.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances: Lodnon during the Bliitz is haunted by a bizarre plague, homeless children scraping to survive fear an all-too-real ghost5, and a time traveler is in town to run a scam. These threads all link toigether surprisingly and effectively, in probably the best story of the season. You owe it to yourself to see these episodes.

Bad Worlf/The Parting of the Ways: The first part of this story is a brilliant spoof of the reality television craze, from Big Brother to The Weakest Link (complete with Anne Robinson voicing a killer robot). Then the Daleks show up and the story, while still entertaining, loses a lot of its edge. Not bad, but Davies would have been better served making "the return of the Daleks" into a separate episode and building a complet story around the reality-TV satire that dominates "Bad Wolf".

The series will resume in December with a speical episode for Chrismtas that will makr the debut of David Tennant in the role of the Doctor and the rumored one-shot return of Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, the beloved companion from the '70s.

Money -- the root of all deviltry

At least in my life, money is the root of all deviltry -- massive confusion, much wailing ans gnaishing of teeth, etc.

There is a lot of consuion concerning my bank, my status with my bank, the status of my pension, where my pension is going to go and when it will start going there, and all manner of extreme difficulties that are causing me to -- well, wail and gnash my teeth.

To top it all off, I have bills coming due that are going to be utterly hellish.

In short, my life is going to be interesting for the next couple of weeks.

And remember, the old Chinese sayiong "May you live in intheresting times" is no blessing -- it's a curse.
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I'm back

Well, I've been advised that I need to go back to keeping my livejournal again/. So here I am. Double the laughs, half the caffiene.

For what it's worth, professionally I am in somewhat better shape than last time I checked in. I'm waiting to see what happens when The kevin & Kell Roleplaying Gameseriously hits the distribution chain. And I have a signing scheduled in Portland next weekend, August 6, at bridgetown Hobbies and Games in Portland. At the ed of the month it's off to the Seattle area for NASFiC, where although I don't know what specifically I'm going to be doing yet I have been asked to be a Program Participanjt. Which sounds pretty cool to me!

It has been hot in Portland. My gatorade consumtpion has gone up almost exponentially. Normally I don't like the stuff very much -- salty drinks? -- but when it's this hot (and it's going to be scorching this week too) that is apparently what my body needs.

Finally, I am wondering whether I should try and get my hands on a video game console. xBox 360's planned release in a few months is making me wonder how much of the boat I missed by not learning how to code video games instead of write RPGs.
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Some general updates

It's late, I;'m out of Diet Coke, and it's time to update the BLOG.

Thursday afternoon I go into the studio space for the first time. we won't be doing much recording, but I;'ll be singing the songs from my album and my producer/accompanist John-Paul kelly will try to work out arrangements. We're going to be in that room for three hours -- about enough time to drive each other stark raving bonkers.

Later that night is my long-awaited online meeting with Windstorm Creative's president and staff. Since I'm in the middle of some rather delicate talks about merging my old company (Seraphinm Guard) and ym new company (Michael Hopcroft Press), it's going to be tricky talking to the publishing partners at windstorm. Actually, I;'m surprised they want to talk with me at all.

You can now preorder my album! I;ve already taken two preorders from some fairly surprising names. If you want to get in on the fun of financing my first album, go to and click on the buy button. it'll set you back 414 plus $5 shipping. i guess that means it'll set you back $19.

Finally, next Firday through Sunday (Nov. 5-7) is orycon 26, where I am giving my first convention concert, opening for a stellar lineup that includes frank hayes, Blake Hodgetts, Callie Hillis and Cecilia Eng. I could say I'm nervous about it, but then i am not usually prone to understatement.
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One down, one to go

The CORE team concert is over. It went re;laitvely well -- since I was the last item on the prgoram about half my audience disappeared by the time my set was finished and I had to vut it short by about two songs. And I think i might mentally remname the Kip[ling/Fish classic "The Hymn to Breaking Voice" -- clearly I should have done something more to warm myself up properly.

My next gig (and last gig before I go into the studio) is at Orycon 26, where I will probably be performing only two of the same songs.

And lest you've forgotten I;m an RPG writer, I have to call port Orchard tomorrow afternoon to scheudle a meeeting (online, hopefully) with my publishing partners. I'm nervous about it, but progress is being made on the books, or so I'm told. Thing is I will be given full control of layout on my next major books (on my currently-in-progress works it's been contracted out).

The most telling comment I got after the concert was "the Christmas song was so sad." The person in question was referring to a song I wrote about the aftermath of, of all things, "Card Captor Sakura". basically, in every love triangle someone inevtiably loses out....
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Well, the CORE Team gig is tomorrow

Well, the CORE team concert is tomorrow. I could be singinf fdor as many as a hundred people who couldn;t give a flying leap about filk but who would be interested if I sang well.

I hope I can do a good job. I ahve to select a six song set. I also ahve to make sure I';m properly rested, well-dressed and in general make a good presentation. I also hope they have decent security -- I;d hate to have someone climb onto the stage and rmable about how they want to kill somebody.

When you deal with fellow mental health clients on a regular basis, you see, you run into a lot of people who get very upset. Sometimes they have a good reason, sometimes they don't. Today someone shouted in my general directiont hat they were going to shoot me through the head. I, naturally, was very upset about this. the producer, who is also my case maanger, assured me they were talking about someone else, but I don;t like to hear about ANYOEN being talked about that way.

Obviously the person was not in control of themsvles, but when I;ve been out of control i;ve never threatened anyone other than myself.

Anyway, I hope the concert goes well. I'll let you know.
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